What is the difference between a drone and a quadrotor?

There aren’t really any. A drone is a driverless flying vehicle (UAV, “Unmanned Aerial Vehicle” in English) and a quadrotor is a drone that specifically has four engines.

For marketing reasons, the term quadrotor is rather used for inexpensive products, and drone for more expensive devices.

How much does a drone cost?

It is possible to find entry-level drones around 10 €, but if you want a camera on your device then you will have to spend at least 50 €.

For 100 €, you can find drones with direct video feedback (via application or small control screen), and from 350 € the quality of the latter improves considerably.

Finally, for your device to capture quality images, it must have a good stabilization tool and it costs at least € 500.

Flight time and flight distance

Most first price drones have a flight time of 10 minutes. After that, they must be recharged, which can take between 30 and 60 minutes via USB cable. Prefer a battery or removable battery model, and always have recharges on hand.

Premium drones have up to 30 minutes of autonomy.

In terms of range, each drone manufacturer announces the range of its product but, as a rule, it is 50 m. Remember that when using a drone, it must always remain in your field of vision, so having a flight distance of 150 m is not necessarily useful.

Spare parts

Unless you are a professional pilot, you are guaranteed that your drone will fall or crash into a wall, at least three times before you can control it.

We therefore advise you to take a look online to see if it is possible to buy spare parts (propellers etc.) for the model of drone that interests you.


Not all drones have a camera, and when they do, the result can be disappointing.

Apart from the more expensive models, drones often only have a video resolution of 720 p (1280 x 720) and this without any stabilization tool. The image is therefore blurred and trembling.

As for the backup of the contents, it is done either on a micro SD card, or on USB key, or directly on your phone.

Honestly, to film a video worthy of the name, it is better to choose a drone having a support for a sports camera ( GoPro etc) and a stabilizer.

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